Sunday, August 3, 2014

A White Wedding

The big day finally arrived on August 1st. The girls met up at Stacy's home at 8:30am and took a limo to the salon to get our hair and make-up done.

While we were getting dolled up, the groom and groomsmen took the limo over to the venue to relax before getting ready for the big day. Mark, Nathan, and Max went over and started setting up all the decorations for the wedding and reception. We had a lot of furniture and display tables to put together and they did an amazing job! Here are a lot of pictures of the signs and decorations Karen, Mika, Max, and I made for the wedding.
Welcome and seating sign.
Karen and I made tags for the gift table and cards box.
Directional Sign made by Mika.
We made up goodie bags to entertain the kiddies.
Max made this corn hole game and I made the corn bags.
I made the ring toss game and all the game signs.
Max made this giant Jenga game and even branded it.
Karen and I painted and distressed this shelf. We also painted the canning jars. Karen made the two signs.
Max made the little tags for the jelly jars.
Max and I made the sign and we used his great grandmas suitcases.
Max made this 'M' for guests to sign instead of a guest book.
Love how pretty the candy table turned out.
Arbor decked out for the ceremony.
Finishing up the reception table decorations.
Mika made these flower jars lining the path to the arbor.
Around noon the guys were ready to go get some pictures done by the photographer and the gals were just starting to get dressed.
Getting the boutonnieres put on.

Sean with the flower girls.
My sweet girls.
Dressing the bride.
I love this picture. It's beautiful!
Mika with the bridesmaids and flower girls.
Back of gowns.
Mika with her mom and mom-in-law.
The wedding ceremony started at 3:30pm. Max took a video of it and the photographer took photos. I don't have very many of her photos but here is an idea of what took place.
Sean's parents, Tim and Stacy.
Karen and Nathan.
Ben, the officiant, spoke about marriage and shared a scripture. Then Mark got up and said a few words about Mika and Stacy said a few words about Sean. Mika and Sean exchanged vows they wrote themselves. They were loving and eloquent, I cried.
After the ceremony we took pictures in various places with the wedding party and family while the guests enjoyed appetizers and drinks down at the beach.
A picture of all of the family that was able to make it.
Bride and groom with parents and siblings.
Love these two guys! They are adorable!
Max took a panorama of the beach area while we were getting pictures done.
After the photos we started the reception. We had a nice buffet style sit down dinner followed by dancing, cake cutting, and toasts by the Maid of Honor and Best Man.
First dance for the newlyweds.
Father Daughter dance.
Mother Son dance.
The Head Table. Karen and Max made the signs.
Giving my toast to the newlyweds.
Donovan, the Best Man, giving his toast.
After the cake was cut, many people left due to the heat. Those who stayed enjoyed some dancing, playing of games, and posing for the photo booth.
Mel and Kim

Nathan looks so handsome here.
Dancing was the funnest part.
Nathan with his beautiful girlfriend, Bri.
Karen and Mark.
Rachel and Kirsten playing Jenga.
Rachelle and Justin playing corn hole.
K playing croquette.
The girls had so much fun dancing!
Girls with Bri at the photo booth.
Our dear friends, Rachel and Kirsten, came up from Eugene for the wedding.
Mika and her brother Nathan.
K and L using props at the photo booth.
Another photo of the happy couple.
I love this photo Max took of Mika's bouquet.
All the signatures on the 'M' that they can hang in their home.
The cute glasses Mika made for her and Sean.
Before we ended the night, Mika threw her bouquet and Sean threw her garter. There was pretty much only family and close friends at this point of the night. K caught the flowers and Joel, the groomsman, caught the garter.
We lit sparklers and said our goodbyes as the newlyweds headed off in the limo for their honeymoon to Hawaii. It was a long and beautiful day. We were so happy to share this amazing moment with our dear friends and family.
This past year has been crazy busy getting ready for the wedding but I wouldn't trade a minute of it. It gave Max and I an opportunity to get to know Mika and Sean better. I have always been close to my aunt Karen and looked at Mika as a sister but we have never been super close. Spending this year together, we have become closer and learned fun things about each other. Max and Sean are very similar in personality and get along well. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more, but we have all promised to get together as often as possible for double dates. I have been lucky to watch Mika grow up from a little girl and I look forward to seeing her continue to grow and change as she starts her new life with Sean. Let the adventure begin.